There is one hostel building for boys and one hostel building for girls in college campus. The rooms are good, sanitized and equipped with all basic amenities. All the hostels have separate messes which provide healthy and nutritious food. There is a separate canteen for all those who do not reside in hostels.

Hostel charges:

These charges are applicable only for those students who want to take Hostel or Transport facility and these charges are calculated on the basis of academic session July to June.

A. Hostel charges:

For Boys: 7,500/- (per Semester) + Caution Money of 5,000/-(Refundable)

For Girls: 7,500/- (per Semester) + Caution Money of 5,000/- (Refundable)

B. Mess Charges: 100/- per day (4 times food)