Electronics & Communication Engineering

The electronics and communication engineering department of BACET aims to produce Electronics Engineering professionals to lead a successful career in industry, pursue higher studies or entrepreneurial endeavors. Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE) is a swiftly advancing field, with new ideas emerging every other second. From mobile phones to fiber optics and remote sensing, there are exciting avenues to explore and create. The laboratories are modernized to reflect the rapid changes in technology. Students, while working on algorithmic development, also have state-of-the art experimental facilities to support the theoretical research.


The main objective of the department is to build strong fundamental knowledge among the students to pursue higher education and continue professional development in Electronics & other field. Also it aims at exposing its students with a multidisciplinary technology spectrum in order to prepare them with a diverse and a competitive career path.

  • Dedicated to providing a well-rounded undergraduate education in Electronics & Communication Engineering.
  • To exhibit a high level of professionalism and ethical behavior, and exercise socially responsible and reasoned judgment.
  • To foster an academic environment conducive to strong faculty-student interaction in the classroom and laboratory.

Faculty Details

DEPARTMENT Electronics and Communication Department
Head of the Department Dr. Pratyancha Prasad

Name : Rocky Kumar

Designation : Assistant Professor

Experience : 13 Years

Qualification : M.Tech., PhD (Pursuing)

Name : Dr. Pratyancha Prasad

Designation : Assistant Professor, HOD

Experience : Assistant Professor April 2010 – January 2019 Training Placement Officer January 2018 – January 2019

Qualification : Ph. D

Name : Priya Rahul

Designation : Assistant Professor

Experience : 11 Years

Qualification : M. Tech, PhD. (Pursuing)

Name : Atul Prakash

Designation : Assistant Professor

Experience : 11 Years

Qualification : B.Tech, M.Tech, PhD Thesis Submitted

Area of Interest : Wireless Communication, Microwave and antenna design.

Field of Research : Microstrip UWB Antenna, Metamaterials

E-mail : priyarahul0701@gmail.com

Mobile : +91- 8709654920

Publication (Recent First) : 1) Priya Rahul, “ Design and Analysis of Modified Planar Monopole Antenna for UWB applications with truncation in Ground Plane”, International Journal on Communications, Antenna and Propagation, Vol. 3, No. 1, February 2013.
2) Priya Rahul, Sudhakar Sahu, Asit panda, Sasmita Pahadsingh, “An Ultra-wideband Antenna with HIPERLAN/2 band rejection using CSRR structure”, 978-1-4799-3267-2/13/$ 31.00 ©IEEE AEMC 2013.
3) Sudhakar Sahu, Priya Rahul, Asit Panda, “Design of an Ultra-wideband Antenna with Band Notch characteristic using Metamaterial Structure”, 13th Biennial National Symposium on Antennas and Propagation, ISBN: 978-43- 80095-40-0, pp. 79-81, Cochin, India, Dec. 17-19, 2012.
4) Priya Rahul, “ Modified Planar Monopole Antenna for UWB Applications”, International Conference on Communication, Circuit and Systems (IC3S 2012), Bhubaneswar, India, Oct. 5-7, 2012.

Area of Interest : Microwave Engineering

Field of Research : Metamaterial based Micro strip Filters (Microwave Engineering)

E-mail : rockysingh.baba@yahoo.co.in

Mobile : +91-85409 08455

Professional Body : IETE

Area of Interest : VLSI

Field of Research : VLSI

E-mail : prakashatul.uit@gmail.com

Mobile : +91-89359 19130

Publication (Recent First) :

    International Journal
  • Atul Prakash, Dr. R. K. Lal "Hybrid PS-ACO Algorithm in Achieving Multiobjective Optimization for VLSI Partitioning" in International Journal of Control Theory and Applications Vol.8, No.1, Jan-June 2015, Pp.227-242. [Scopus Indexed Journal]
  • Amit Prakash Sen, Atul Prakash, Praveen Kumar Singh, Dr. R. K. Lal “Multiobjective VLSI Circuit Partitioning Using ACO for Optimal Solution” in International Journal of Advanced Research in Electronics and Communication Engineering (IJARECE) Volume 4, Issue 5, May 2015.
  • International Conference
  • Atul Prakash, Dr. R. K. Lal “PSO: An Approach to Multiobjective VLSI Partitioning” in proc. IEEE Sponsored 2nd International Conference on Innovations in Information, Embedded and Communication systems (ICIIECS)2015, Coimbatore.[Published in IEEE digital Library]
  • National Conference
  • Atul Prakash, H. S. Sangha “Approaches to energy efficient wireless sensor network”, in Proc. Recent Advancement of Electronics & Communication Technologies, 2011, Ludhiana.

Area of Interest : RF and Microwave

Field of Research : Gain enhancement of wideband antennas using FSS/Metamaterial

E-mail : pratyancha.p17@gmail.com

Mobile : 9431397179, 8210467224

Publication :

  • Prasad, Pratyancha, Singh, Shiva Nand, and Kumar, Akhilesh. "Lightweight ultra-wideband antenna array equipped with thin frequency selective surface for high-gain applications." Journal of Electrical Engineering, vol 73(2022), NO6, 396–403
  • Prasad, Pratyancha, Singh, Shiva Nand, and Kumar, Akhilesh. "A low-profile RF shielding FSS with enhanced ultrawide bandwidth range and angular stability." International Journal of RF and Microwave Computer‐Aided Engineering 32.9 (2022): e23261
  • Prasad, Pratyancha, Singh, Shiva Nand, and Kumar, Akhilesh. "A compact high-gain key-shaped monopole antenna for RF sensitive environment, and X-Ku-band applications." Frequenz 76.5-6 (2022): 297-307.
  • Prasad, Pratyancha, and Kumar, Akhilesh. "A Miniaturized Quintuple-Band Frequency Selective Surface Based on Enclosed Cross Slots, Journal of Electrical Engineering Vol. 74, No. 4, 2023, pp. 282-290.
  • Prasad, Pratyancha, Singh, Shiva Nand, and Kumar, Akhilesh, "An Optimized and Compact Bandstop FSS for C, X, Ku and K bands," 2022 IEEE Wireless Antenna and Microwave Symposium (WAMS), 2022, pp. 1-4, doi: 10.1109/WAMS54719.2022.9848158.
  • Prasad, Pratyancha, Singh, Shiva Nand, and Kumar, Akhilesh. "Mono Layered Frequency Selective Surface Reflector for Ultra-Wideband Shielding." In 2021 IEEE Indian Conference on Antennas and Propagation (InCAP), pp. 696-699. IEEE, 2021.
  • Prasad, Pratyancha, Singh, Shiva Nand, and Kumar, Akhilesh. "A Wheel Shaped Compact UWB Antenna for GPR Applications." In 2021 6th International Conference for Convergence in Technology (I2CT), pp. 1-5. IEEE, 2021.

Name : Dr. Sangeeta Jana Mukhophyay

Designation : Assistant Professor

Experience : 5.5 years

Research Experience : 6 Years

Qualification : M.Tech from NIT Durgapur, PhD from IIEST, Shibpur


Designation : Assistant Professor

Experience : 5 years

Qualification : M. Tech (ECE), Ph.D (Pursuing)

Name : Puja Kumari

Designation : Assistant Professor

Experience : 3.5 Years

Qualification : M.Tech

Name : Dr. Vikram Kumar

Designation : Assistant Professor

Experience : 3 Years

Qualification : Ph.D. (National Institute of Technology Rourkela) in Optical Networks

Name : Mrs. Jigyasa Pagaria

Designation : Assistant Professor

Experience : 9 year

Qualification : M.tech

Area of Interest : Power Sector

E-mail : kumbhakartapan17@gmail.com

Mobile : 8002742080, 7870912080

Area of Interest : Microelectronics And VLSI

Field of Research : VLSI

E-mail : puja1104.jsr@gmail.com

Mobile : 9431374406

Area of Interest : Optical Networks, Wireless Communication, Internet of Things, Machine Learning

Area of Interest : communication engineering

Field of Research : photonics

E-mail : jigyasapagaria2111@gmail.com

Mobile : 8986883305

Publication :

  • Jigyasa. Pagaria, V. Janyani, “Investigations on Photonic Crystal Based Band Gap Structures as All-Optical Network Switching Elements”, Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Future Networks, 7-9 March 2009, Bangkok, Thailand, pp. 276, ISBN: 978-1-4244-3579-1.
  • Vijay Janyani, Jigyasa Pagaria, Neetu Joshi, Parul Pathak, “Photonic Crystal For Novel Application In Integrated Optic Communication Systems and Devices” Accepted for oral presentation at the International Conference on Electronics, Circuits and Systems Design, held in June 2009 in Paris, France.

Teaching : 5 months Industry : 16 years of experience in tata steel limited (projects & maintenence)

Area of Interest : Wirless communication: in the field of 4th & 5th generation.

Field of Research :Wireless sensor networks for security applications.

E-mail : rahul19772005@gmail.com

Mobile : +91-7633984670

Publication (Recent) : “ Programmable Wireless Sensor Networks for Security applications.” SSRG Journal of Industrial Engineering August18.

Area of Interest : RF AND Microwaves, Microelectronics and VLSI

Field of Research : Microwave Devices.

E-mail : jana_sangeeta@yahoo.co.in

Mobile :6294030147

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