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Faculty Members

Faculty Members and Their Qualifications
SL.No. Name Designation Qualification Experience
1. Dr. S. B. L. Seksena Director (in-Charge) Ph. D.  
Mechanical Engineering
1. Mr. R K Bhol HOD, Professor M.Tech 39
2. Mr S N Mallik Asst. Professor M.Tech 21
3. Mr. Santosh Chaubey Asst. Professor M.Tech 3
4. Mr. Chandan Gupta Asst. Professor M.Tech 2
5. Mr Hemant Kumar Jha   Asst. Professor M.Tech 2
6. Mr Gourav Prasad Sinha Asst. Professor M.Tech. 4
7. Mr Sameer Kumar Behera Asst. Professor M.Tech 1
8. Mr M Nagarajan TPO/Asst. Professor M.Tech 31
9. Mr Kasif Ansari Asst. Professor M.Tech 1
10. Mr Mani Bhushan Kr Dwivedi Lecturer B. Tech., M. Sc. (Engg.) (Pursuing) 5
Electrical & Electronics Engineering
1. Dr. S. B. L. Seksena Professor, Dean Academics Ph. D.  
2. Mrs. S. Nanda HOD, Asst. Professor M.Tech 7
3. Ms. Anamika Das Asst. Professor M.Tech 5
4. Mr. Rajeev Ranjan Pathak Asst. Professor M. E., Ph.D.(Pursuing) 3
5. Mr. R K Ojha Asst. Professor M.Tech 3
6. Ms Kaumudi Jha Asst. Professor M.Tech 3
7. Mr. Saumyadip Ghosh Asst. Professor M. Tech. (Gold Medal)  
8. Mr. Kaushik Kumar Pandey Asst. Professor M. Tech.  
9. Ms. Anamika Asst. Professor M. Tech., Ph. D. (Pursuing)  
10. Mr. V.K. Lal T&P Officer B.Sc(Engg)  
Electronics & Communication Engineering
1. Ms. Pratyancha Prasad HOD, Asst. Professor M.Tech 5
2. Mr. Md Muzammil Sami Asst. Professor M.Tech, Ph.D(Pursuing) 10
3. Mr. Atul Prakash Asst. Professor M.Tech, Ph.D(Pursuing) 3
4. Ms. Kumari Pammi Asst. Professor M.Tech 2
5. Mrs. Priya Rahul Asst. Professor M.Tech 2
6. Mr. Rocky Kumar Asst. Professor M.Tech 7
7. Mr. Amit Prakash Sen Asst. Professor M.Tech 5
8. Mrs. Anumita Mishra  Asst. Professor M.Tech 5
9. Ms. Sweta Kumari Burnwal Lecturer B.Tech 4
Computer Science & Engineering
1. Mr. Kunal Kundu HOD, Asst. Professor M. Tech. 5
2. Mr. Murari Krishna Saha Asst. Professor M.Tech 5
3. Mr. Kunal Kundu Assistant Professor M.Tech 5
4. Ms Arti Kumari Assistant Professor M.Tech 5
5. Mr. Ravi Bhushan Thakur Assistant Professor M.Tech
6. Mr. Manish Kumar Assistant Professor Ph.D.(Pursuing)  
7. Mr. Mahendra Prasad Assistant Professor M.Tech
8. Mr. Amit Kumar Assistant Professor M. Tech., Ph.D.(Pursuing)  
Civil Engineering
1. Mr. Maniranjan Kumar Assistant Professor M. Tech.  
2. Mr. Shanti Swaroop Assistant Professor M. Tech.  
3. Mr. Sumit Kumar Banerjee Assistant Professor M. Tech.  
4. Mr. Manindra Nath Mishra HOD-in-Charge, Lecturer B.Tech  
5. Mr. Mukesh Kumar Lecturer B.Tech 1
6. Mr. Sougata Mahato Lecturer B.Tech 1
Basic Science & Humanities
1. Dr. Sarita Kumari HOD, Basic Sc & Hum Ph. D (Chem.) 6
2. Dr. Dolly Chakraborty Asst. Professor Ph. D (Chem.) 8
3. Mr. R K Sharma Asst. Professor M.Sc.(Maths) 8
4. Ms. Ishita Ghosh Lecturer M.Sc.(Phy.), Ph.D Pursuing 7
5. Ms. Soma Ghosh Lecturer M.Sc.(Phy.) 6
6. Mr. Anil Kumar Yadav  Lecturer M.Sc.(Maths) 4
7. Mr. Raja Ram Thakur Lecturer M.A.(Eng),Ph.D(Thesis Submitted) 6
8. Mr. Manoj Kumar Pathak Lecturer M.A.(Eng.),Ph.D Pursuing 5
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