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Computer Science & Engineering

The Department of Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) is one of the five departments at B. A. College of Engineering & Technology and administers bachelor's programs in Computer Science and Engineering. Eight full-time faculty members provide a comprehensive program that emphasizes algorithms and programming, computer architecture, data base and data mining, distributed systems, operating systems and computer networks, and scientific computing.

The Department's many strengths include its high faculty-to-student ratio, state of the art facilities, excellent faculty members, strong focus on undergraduate education, and emphasis on leadership, service, and ethics.

Graduates from the CSE department are recruited by many reputed companies. Graduates take up careers in the computing industry, the finance industry, startup companies, management consulting companies, and government organizations.

  • To generate competent professionals to become part of the industry and research organizations at the national and international levels
  • To build a strong research and teaching environment that responds swiftly to the challenges of the era
  • To teach and prepare liberally educated and skilled software engineers for leadership and professional careers and for advanced study
  • A central objective of our program is to contribute to society by advancing the fields of computer science through innovations in teaching and research
  • To enhance student knowledge through interactive teaching, global engagement, and experiential learning

Faculty Details

DEPARTMENT Computer Science & Engineering Department
Head of the Department Mr. Kunal Kundu
Asst. HoD. Mr. Ravi Bhushan Thakur

Name : Kunal Kundu

Designation : Assistant Professor, HOD

Experience : 7 Years

Qualification : M. Tech.


Designation : Assistant Professor

Experience : 7 Years

Qualification : M.Tech.

Area of Interest : Analysis & Design of Algorithms, Compiler Design, Data Structures, C, C++, Python

Field of Research : Machine Learning

E-mail :

Mobile: +91-89359 19164



E-mail :

Mobile: +91-76773 56837

Member of Professional Body : International Association of Engineers (IAENG). International Association of Computer Science and Information Technology (IACSIT). International Journal of Cloud Computing and Services Science (IJ-CLOSER).

Publication (Recent First) : Rajesh Bose, Murari Krishna Saha, Debabrata Sarddar, “Fog computing Made Easy With the Help of Citrix and Billboard Manager” International Journal of Computer Applications. ISBN : 973-93-80887-83-2, Volume 121, 7 November 2015.


Designation : Assistant Professor

Experience : 07 Years in Teaching, 03 Years in Research

Qualification : M.Tech (CSE), Ph.D. (Pursuing)

Name : Ms. Arti kumari

Designation : Assistant Professor

Experience : 7 Years

Qualification : M.Tech.

Area of Interest : Automata, Algorithm Design, Database Mgt. System, Computer Graphics, Software Engineering, Object Oriented Programming.

Field of Research : Data Mining, Soft Computing

E-mail :

Professional Body : 1. Computer Science Teacher Association (CSTA) Member ID: 7792505. 2. Bioinformatics Organization

Publication (Recent First) :

  • Amit Kumar, Dr.B.K.Sarkar “Performance analysis of GA-based Iterative and Non-iterative Learning Approaches for Medical Domain Data Sets” International Journal on Intelligent Decision Technologies, IOS Press, (In Press), Scopus and ESCI Indexed, 2017.
  • Amit Kumar, Dr.B.K.Sarkar “A Case Study on Machine Learning and Classification” International Journal of Information and Decision Science, Inderscience, Vol. 3, No. 2, 179-208, Scopus Indexed, 2017.
  • Amit Kumar “Utility of Rough Set Theory in Real Life Problems”. Proceedings of IT FLOOR, A Journal Mapping Lanes of Information Technology, B.R.A. University, Muzafferpur, Bihar. Vol.-III, Dec, 2014, (ISSN 2277-9639).
  • Amit Kumar, Santosh Kumar, Manoj Kumar “A Comparative Study of Cloud Computing Over Grid Computing”. VSRD International Journal Of Computer Science and Information Technology, Vol.-III, June, 2013 (e-ISSN:2231-2471,p-ISSN:2319-2224).
  • Amit Kumar “Use of DNA computing in Arithmetic and Logic Operation”, IEDES International Conference 2009 at BRCM CET, Haryana.
  • Amit Kumar, B.K.Sarkar “Performance assessment of learning algorithms on multi-domain data sets” International Journal of Knowledge Discovery in Bioinformatics (IJKDB-2018-10), Volume 8, Issue 1, ACM Digital Library (In Press).
  • Amit Kumar, B.K Sarkar “A Hybrid Predictive Model Integrating C4.5 and Decision Table Classifiers for Medical Data Sets” Journal of Information Technology Research (JITR), Volume 11, Issue 2, Scopus and ESCI Indexed, (In Press).
  • Amit Kumar, B.K. Sarkar “Performance analysis of nature inspired algorithms based Bayesian prediction models for medical data sets”, Chapter-8, Soft Computing-Based Nonlinear Control Systems Design. Scopus Indexed,(2017).
  • Amit Kumar, B.K.Sarkar “GA_DTNB: A Hybrid Classifier for Medical Data Diagnosis” 6th International Conference on Frontiers in Intelligent Computing Theory and Applications (FICTA-2018). KIIT, Bhubhenswar. Springer.

Area of Interest : Internet Fundamental and Application,Web Technology,Computer Network,Operating System,Database Management System,

Field of Research : Information Security

E-mail :

Mobile : +91-82715 38500

Name : Ravi Bhushan Thakur

Designation : Assistant Professor

Experience : 4 Years

Qualification : M.Tech.

Name : Devesh Narayan

Designation : Assistant Prof.

Experience : 14+ years

Qualification : B.E., M.Tech. , Ph.D(pusuing)

Area of Interest : Computer Architecture, RDBMS, Pattern Recognition, Data Mining

Field of Research : Data Mining

E-mail :

Mobile : +91-96085 85400

Area of Interest : Neural Network, A.I., Algorithm Design.

Field of Research : Image Processing

E-mail :

Mobile : 9893103576